How to update modem firmware reddit

how to update modem firmware reddit

how to update modem firmware reddit

Greetings! I was wondering how I can update my router firmware. My WiFi has been slow lately, so playing any online game is impossible. Will updating firmware help? My WiFi is normally fast and I get 0 Ping on most games. There is no option on the spectrum router home page for this.

How to update DSP Modem Firmware? Question. I'm using Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro and it has no problems other than it doesn't transmit audio to my bluetooth headphones. I looked it up online and it seems I need to update my DSP Modem Firmware. But I cannot find anything on what that actually is, when I google it I just find a bunch of job ads. What is it? Where can I get it, and is there an ...

 · Modems need to be power cycled for internet to come back online and you can't use the over-the-phone option. You must be on location and physically unplug it and power back on. I'm guessing a bad firmware update. When you call Comcast they've updated …

 · How do I update the firmware on the router? I can't seem to find any option anywhere on it to do so. I have the VDSL bell router one and the older model. 6 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . Sort by. best. level 1. 1 point · 2 years ago. Hello /u/SegFaultX, Could you please advise what make and ...

The one issue I have yet to find a really good answer to is the fact that purchased cable modems can't receive firmware updates and the real life impact to consumers. Looking at the management page for my own modem, it seems the active firmware for this device was last updated in 2016. Even though my ISP has the ability to push new firmware, it doesn't seem it happens often. My inference is ...

 · Well, I decided to dig a bit deeper and found that a good amount of people online have had the same issues that I have had with this modem, and that almost 90% of the time a firmware update fixed the issues. So, I called WoW and asked them to please push a firmware update to my modem, but they could not since it is one that I own and not one that I rent from them.

We have the firmware (at least able to be updated to the last official release) and people have at least figured out how to patch the APK on Android for the phone app. If we can figure out how to get the HERE Maps V4 updated on the Navdy device by pulling them from some other source, then we'll be pretty golden to give the Navdy a new life.

 · If this is the router spectrum gave you, any updates are pushed through the head end in your area.. the router should automatically update. If not restarting the router may trigger it.. if nothing still you may be able to get a new router from the store.. no guarantee that the feature you are looking for will be included in any updates regardless.

Hello, my LED DIMMER isnt working with HUE MotionSensorModel: GL-C-009SW: 1.0.3 This YT-Channel (in comments) is telling me, that Version ( SW …

 · Open the "Firmware," "Router Upgrade," or "Update" page. The name of this page will be different for every different router manufacturer. The location varies, but you can usually find it in the "Administration," "Utilities," or "Maintenance" section.

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