Equallogic cant upgrade firmware due to failed disk

equallogic cant upgrade firmware due to failed disk

equallogic cant upgrade firmware due to failed disk

 · The disk firmware upgrade process does not use ANY space on the individual disks. It's programming the firmware on the drive itself. So it is like updating the BIOS on your computer. Whomever told you otherwise is incorrect. There is a minimum firmware to do drive firmware updates. I believe that's 6.x, but there is no drive firmware to EQL firmware requirement. These are updates …

With the firmware download is a PDF "OS Considerations" guide. That has info on setting the disk timeout value for Windows and Linux servers. All your VMs and the Hyper-V hosts need this registry value set. Not just for firmware upgrades, but to also handle a controller failover due to a HW failure. If the entry is not set, you will have to ...

The actual failure that took down the array was about 3 AM. Long story short, Dell eventually declared that we only had 1 "truly" bad disk. One of the others had some bad sectors but probably not enough to truly be marked as bad. And the other "bad" disk was fine, it was marked as failed disk due to a firmware bug. Yep, we lost data and had a ...

 · On Dell Equallogic devices usually there is no downtime as opposed to a Dell PowerVault SAN device.I would recommend checking prior to the firmware update the state of your hard drives (So you don't have any drives on predictive failure or so) on the Equallogic device. Like @Bottman said, if the system is setup correctly you should not have downtime.

 · I've contacted Equallogic a few times and I cant seem to get a straight answer from them regarding this and I want to be 100% sure before undergoing this proceedure. We currently have two PS4100VX arrays in a single Group, the volumes are balanced across these two arrays. Both arrays are running firmware version 5.2.2, and the total usage of the Group is about 70% capacity. Due to the …

Firmware is 7.0.7 (R397085) Can you tell from the messages below if the unit did a complete reboot? At around 8:20 all of my iSCSI initiators logged into each target and this happened again around 9:12. I assume when a controller fails over that I will see the initiators connect to each target. There is only one member in this group and it had ...

PS6210x EqualLogic -Firmware upgrade in VMWare iSCSI environment Our environment consists of ~500+ PS6210x EqualLogic storage devices configured with iSCSI for VMWare servers. Most of them are running 8.1.0 firmware and we are planning to upgrade to N-1 i.e. 8.1.6. I have been informed that "there’s a possible outage that occurs and it may last between 7 and 12 seconds during upgrade. This ...

The failed HDD is having firmware EE06. the replacement one although has an EE06 label, we found the firmware inside to be EE07. Is it because the firmware version is different so that equallogic can't accept it and is there any work around?

 · We replaced two disks recently with third party suppliers and the firmware is compatible with the PS 6100 but out of date. I'm getting a notification from SanHQ about it 4 times a day. Unfortunately, I can't download the newer firmware on the Equallogic portal because we don't have an Equallogic that's in warranty. We can't buy an official Dell disk because they don't have them to sell …

Upgrading disks in EQL PS6100. Hi All, I have a PS6100 that is coming near to out of warranty, and have a short term need for fully populating the array with disks from a 3rd party vendor instead of paying full price (1500$ ea) for new disks when the shelf will be retired at end of warranty period (8 months). Currently the array has 12x ST3600057SS (15k 600GB SAS) Dell Equallogic stamped disks ...

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